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Healthier Expectations

On the week of my 28th birthday, I can remember feeling a strong level of maturity and resilience.  I thought about how I overcame 5 hospitalizations, 2 blood clots, married my best friend and made it to my late twenties within one year.  So many events & accomplishments to be thankful for. I also recall

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Medication: Lesser of the Two Evils?

“Do I really want to put this into my body?” “Taking this will make my condition real” “Why can’t I do this on my own?” “Will I become a zombie?” “I’m so worried about the side effects” “Is there ANY other way?” Does any of this sound familiar? If you were diagnosed with a mental

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Anxiety anyone?

Anxiety=extreme apprehension and worry All of us experience anxiety. Many people have anxiety about specific situations- for example, stage fright, not having enough money (sigh!), taking tests,  or socializing with strangers. Social anxiety happens to be one of my personal struggles. The thought of being in close circles with people I don't know scares the

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