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Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold, Part 3

Everything That Glitters Ain't Gold, Part 3  I'm Back I'll spare you all the details, but simply put, I've been dreading this particular post. I started this series as a way of trying to motivate others to work through their hardest times realizing that even our biggest achievements in life are filled with not so

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How to Afford Therapy

So, I'm basically writing this blog because there are a ton of people these days screaming, "go to therapy!"- myself included. I'm a huge advocate of encouraging folks to get in therapy if they need it. It's life-changing. I know firsthand how it can save you from the lowest of lows. One thing that has

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Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold, Part 2

Everything That Glitters Ain't Gold  Part 2 THE JOURNEY  I went back to school after an over 5 year break … Difficult is an understatement. Doctoral programs have a way of reminding you over and over that amongst other amazing folks around you, you shine only dimly. I had been doing mental health work and

Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold

Everything That Glitters Ain't Gold  Part 1 Have you ever heard the quote, “Anything worth having is worth fighting for” or “Nothing worth having comes easy”?? Man, have I found that to be true! THE GLITTER I achieved one of my grandest goals this past December, and while I appreciate everyone congratulating and celebrating with

Anxiety anyone?

Anxiety=extreme apprehension and worry All of us experience anxiety. Many people have anxiety about specific situations- for example, stage fright, not having enough money (sigh!), taking tests,  or socializing with strangers. Social anxiety happens to be one of my personal struggles. The thought of being in close circles with people I don't know scares the

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    In the midst of chaos especially, it is difficult to be grateful. If you really think about it, there is more that is “alright” in our worlds, than is not- most of the time. As we enter a new year, be intentional about recognizing the things in your life that bring you joy

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