What do you mean by Healthy Relationship? What does a Healthy Relationship consist of? What does a Healthy Relationship look like?

A healthy relationship is a relationship where both people feel supported and connected to one another, but still maintain their identity or individuality.
Here’s a list of some of the commonly identified characteristics of a healthy relationship.

  • Communication – In a healthy relationship, communication should be both open and honest, but also feel safe. This helps in allowing you both to develop an understanding of each others wants and needs.
  • Boundaries -Creating boundaries is a way to assist with maintaining the healthy and secure aspect of the relationship. In a healthy relationship, boundaries should never make you feel as if you are stuck or trapped nor is it a sign of secrecy or a lack of trust. Boundaries allow you both to understand what kind of relationship you want.
  • Accountability – Being accountable for each of your own individual actions and not putting the blame on the other person. Simply put, OWNING YOUR OWN ISH!
  • Trust – Trust is believing that your partner will not do anything to hurt you or ruin the relationship. I believe, in order to have trust in a relationship, there must also be honesty, loyalty and respect.
  • Compassion – Feeling like your partner is concerned and cares for you, as well as supports you. In a healthy relationship, you feel as though your partner is always going to consider you and your feelings even when you both agree to disagree.

These are just a few characteristics of a healthy relationship. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts of what a healthy relationship looks like to you. Don’t be shy; bless me with your ideas below!

∼ Aspiretoempower