How I began living intentionally

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that the next couple of months were easy because it wasn’t. I think 2016 was one of the hardest years of my life and not because I didn’t hang out with the same people that I used to, but because that was the year that I took a look myself and the person who I was and was becoming. You see- nothing is harder than looking within and evaluating yourself. Calling yourself out on your own BS and owning the wrong that you, YOURSELF, have done. Those people who really know me are aware that I have no problem owning my ish, and if they come and let me know that I’ve wronged them- I’ll acknowledge it and apologize. The thing that I hadn’t quite mastered yet, but by the end of that year I had, was learning to PRIORITIZE who and what I felt was important in my life and living a life that reflects those priorities.

After I finished Getting Rid of All My Junk, I had nothing but time to reflect on what it was that I wanted for myself, as well as for my daughter.  Conveniently, the new year was now approaching so instead of making a traditional “New Year’s Resolution”, I decided to commit to living intentional.

Here’s the steps (the things I told myself) I needed to do to achieve Intentional Living:

1.) Identify your top priorities. 

2.) Evaluate your lifestyle to see if it matches your priorities.

3.) Reflect on this. If you were given the opportunity to re-do today, how would you?

4.) Imagine what your life would look like if it only consisted of your priorities.

5.) What are the things that you need to change so that your life can reflect your priorities?

These are some of the steps that I took to begin LIVING INTENTIONALLY. I can’t wait to read how you guys either have taken or plan to take your own steps in the comments below.

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