Summer ’14
I can remember this summer clearly. My grandmother had just passed away, and at the time it really seemed like it was going to be impossible to continue with life because she was my world. Someone who I had considered to be a good friend wasn’t present during that time, and I felt ‘some kinda way’ as most people would agree I should have. When she finally called, I of course, confronted her about her absence and her response was “I knew you were okay because I saw that you were posting on your social media.” I was baffled at how she thought that social media compensated for the phone call that I felt would’ve been appropriate.

Getting RID of the JUNK!
I told this specific story because it’s when I first noticed how social media was becoming an issue in my relationships. I have always been a person who craved intimacy within my circle, and the fact that she thought it was okay to not call me spoke volumes about how much she truly knew ME. At that moment, I was speechless and had nothing else to say to her. When the conversation ended, I immediately blocked her on ALL MY social media so that if she really wanted to know how I was or what was going on with me- she would have to reach out whether it was via phone or email. She could no longer just go to my Instagram, where there are mostly pictures of my daughter and I, and assume that I was FINE!

Fall ‘15
This is the period where life as I once knew it began to change. I had just had an amazing trip with friends (or those who I thought were friends), and during our next big social outing- I began to feel some tension between myself and another person in our circle. I honestly didn’t pay too much attention to the vibes because normally when this person was upset with one of us, it affected how she treated the group but more so me, specifically. I continued to notice that this was now the norm within the group, so I distanced myself. I later found out that I was being accused of saying some things that I hadn’t said, in addition to some things that I had very well said, but no one was approaching me with the issue and just gossiping. I was constantly being reminded on social media that I was no longer included. Here’s another time when yet again someone who I considered to be a friend, displayed how much she truly KNEW ME. Those that are in my circle know that if I said something and they had questions, I always encouraged them to come and talk to me about it, and I own my rights and wrongdoings. I began to feel like my character and loyalty to my true friends was being questioned. In addition to feeling like my friendships were in jeopardy of being destroyed. I decided that this was yet another reminder that I needed to Get Rid of Some Junk!! So, I again went to social media and began blocking/deleting those people who weren’t physically in my life.

So, what is Intentional Living?
Intentional Living is consciously living according to what your values and beliefs are. It’s prioritizing things that you consider important in your life. It’s establishing boundaries for yourself before having or needing a reason to establish them. It’s basically knowing your WHY and living your life according to that ‘why’.

Next time, I’ll tell you how I started to practice intentional living.

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