In the Spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, our team decided to start our first team MH challenge! We decided to challenge one another to practice something that would better OUR OWN mental health.  We were able to use a technique of choice—the members had to practice the task for one whole week!

Here are our personal stories:



I personally challenged myself to meditate, again.

I chose this as my MH challenge, because I’m often in a hurry. Honestly, I wanted to learn how to slow down and to be intentional with my time.

Also, if I’m going to recommend this coping technique to my clients, I need to try it myself to make sure it works!

In my experience, the most difficult part of meditating was actually sitting down and doing it (haha!). For me its sooooooo slow. Realistically, I don’t have the time to dedicate to meditating.

I will say, the days I stayed consistent, it totally allowed me to relax and be more focused 🙂

So, yes, I will continue… but I’ll tweak it to where it fits MY reality!



My challenge was to “slow down”, literally and intentionally.

I often feel like I have too much going on at once (usually professional stuff). Unfortunately, that also feels to be a distraction from one of my most important roles- being a mother. It results in me being overwhelmed and taking it out on the kids when we are going somewhere.

Every single morning is a rush and a scream, and I drive off from their school feeling guilty, tired, and bummed.

The mornings are a sacred time for me and it makes a big difference in how OUR day starts. So, I set out on this challenge to find ways to make mornings as pleasant as possible.

Basically, NO RUSHING!

So, I got out of bed earlier, did a quick home workout, showered, dressed, then woke them up with an hour to spare. The first couple of days, I was obsessively checking the clock, screaming to the other rooms, and found myself checking in on my son constantly to make sure he was still on track. Then I’m like, “Oh yea, we have more time. Make it a great morning”.

By days 3 and 4, I was playing music and we were all dancing in the bathroom brushing our teeth with Pandora playing. It felt soooo good! There were mornings where I did not want to get up “this early”, and there were times where I still felt like the kids were fooling around way too much (they busted out an UNO game one morning?!!), but I made a conscious effort to make time for at least some of the morning shenanigans.

It will certainly be a process, but I think being able to relax more is well worth it. I’m hoping that even when my work life gets busier again, I can find ways to “slow down” without the guilt.

More and more, it feels like our lives are all programmed to chaos.


For my personal challenge, I chose to gain awareness towards my “overthinking”.   This was my first step into slowly eliminating the action—if ever possible.

Going into it, I knew this would be a learning curve, because I am so accustomed to it.  However, I didn’t realize how much of a hinderance it is and on different levels at that!

I assumed I’d solely see the overthinking when triggered about past situations that I know I need to let go of.


I started to notice my over thinking bled from work decisions, to how I presented myself during a meeting, to what I was cooking for dinner each night during the week.  I literally spent 15 minutes in the car trying to decide on whether I wanted to make bacon wrapped chicken kabobs or Korean steak!

This level of awareness has been eye-opening and I can acknowledge that there is a level of “comfort” that comes with such a pattern—whether if its negative or not.

Awareness is KEY—and letting go is my next step.  I mean really, kabobs vs. Korean steak? Both winners.

What challenge can you think of that can personally improve your mental health?? IF we can do it, then so can you 🙂

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