When I decided to create this platform, I was going through this period in my life where I was struggling with my relationships, mainly with friends and family due to my relationship status being SINGLE per usual (but that’s a blog for another day, lol). I knew that I wasn’t the only African American woman that was experiencing or had experienced this but didn’t know exactly how or what to change. I honestly didn’t feel like there was anything about myself that I wanted to change. So my normal behavior, I decided to focus on the one thing that was going right in my life which was my career.


I wanted to be sure that 15 year old girl knew that she wasn’t the only one who feels like her momma doesn’t listen to a word she says, and is always accusing her of being promiscuous. I wanted that single mother to know that she’s not the only one who’s struggling to maintain her sanity due to always giving to her kids but never to herself. I wanted that educated woman in her mid 30s to know that she’s not the only one that feels like she’s successful in every area of her life, except her romantic life. I wanted to invite people that look like me, African Americans particularly, into my office for the support that was so badly needed but would never be received because it’s considered “THERAPY”.

While being specific and intentional with my career I thought to myself, “Girl you should implement this in your OWN everyday life!” So, I did! After one of the most intense workouts that I had on what was the hottest days of summer ’16 here in New Orleans, I began to DELETE PEOPLE OUT OF MY LIFE!!!  Pretty drastic right?!?! Well, unfortunately, it’s not that easy- I couldn’t just make certain people disappear but figuratively, I did just that!  I began my own journey of INTENTIONAL LIVING by beginning a SOCIAL MEDIA FAST and deleted all of the people who weren’t actually physically a part of my life outside of social media.

INTENTIONAL LIVING?!?!? What’s that you might ask? Let’s define it together…STAY TUNED!

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