I often hear all of the reasons why “Black People” don’t go to therapy,  but the most common reasons are that:

“Therapy is for crazy people” and “Therapy is for people that are weak minded”.

Well I’m here to tell you that therapy isn’t just for crazy people, and it doesn’t mean that you are weak because you decide to seek it out, in fact it actually means the opposite!

People making the choice to seek therapy are quite brave and courageous. Therapy is for anyone who is struggling, or is having trouble dealing/coping with stressful situations. EVERYONE can benefit from therapy at some point in their life, even the therapist!!

I can remember my first therapy appointment as if it was yesterday. I was a new mother beginning my second year of my Master in Rehabilitation Counseling program, and had just lost my brother. I hadn’t experienced a loss like that since my father passed (when I was sixteen), and my brother’s death was so very unexpected. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stop Crying. I was so Angry.  I couldn’t complete my assignments. I couldn’t go to work.  I didn’t even want to be around my daughter, and I definitely couldn’t be around his son who looks exactly like him. During this time, all of the things that I learned in school completely went out of the window. I couldn’t cope. I just couldn’t (more like wouldn’t) accept that my brother, my shadow, my best friend was no longer here.

Those were my signs! Here are some other signs that might let you know that you REALLY NEED a Therapist:

1.) Feeling sad, angry or not your “normal” self.

2.) Using alcohol, drugs, or even sex to cope.

3.) You’ve experienced a loss of someone or something important.

4.) No motivation to do the things you typically enjoy.

5.) Experienced a traumatic event.

6.) Overall, feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Comment below with other signs or even your feedback!