Take the LEAP!

How many times have you fantasized about a “dream” goal? Your dream career, your dream home, your dream business, your dream “happiness”?

Think about a dream you’ve had for some time now.

Now, take the time to think about what lies between you and that dream. Is it finances? Is it the need for more training in a certain area? Whatever it is, have you taken the first next step?!


Oftentimes, somewhere in between you and your dream, stands fear. The truth is that our biggest fear is failure. Failure is a part of life, but know that rejection is simply re-direction!


Whether it be posting your first blog entry (we can relate!), applying for that perfect position (again, we can relate!), having your first speaking engagement (um, yep, this too…lol!)…If it gets you one step closer to your dream, do it!


Yes things could go wrong, and maybe the first time around won’t be perfect, but what do you have to lose besides everything?

When you take a chance on yourself, there is always reward on the other side. You are guaranteed to learn a ton about yourself, and it will always get you at least a little bit closer to accomplishing your dream.


Get you an accountability partner or two, sure… tell yourself how afraid yet amazing you are, and go for it. We’ll be here waiting to celebrate your success.

Take the LEAP!

J. Hunter-Jones


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