Thinking back to my childhood, I can remember being very anxious and worried all the time about my grades and whether or not I was making my mom and grandmother proud. I was always trying to do my best because that’s all they required of me, not realizing that my best wasn’t necessarily all “A’s and B’s”.

I remember that during those times I always had a book in either my hand or bag so that when I needed a break,  I could just escape to whatever adventure Kristy and the other members of “The Babysitters Club” decided to go on. Reading was my saving grace! Reading helped me to forget about all of the things that were going on in my life- both good and bad.

Now as a parent, I talk to my daughter about the importance of “taking a break” or as she calls it, a “Brain Break”.  Sometimes as parents we forget that our children are not only affected by our experiences, but they also have to deal with the things that they experience when we’re not with them, such as bullying and not fitting in. Our children also have to deal with the pressure of not disappointing those that they love.

Here’s some of the things that my daughter does to practice self-care:

1.) Taking “Brain Breaks” – every now and then your brain needs time to just ‘be’ and doing things like playing with friends, video games, playing with dolls, reading and/or watching a movie or television, and even drawing can be exactly the break needed.

2.) Dancing – Kayla loves dancing! Dancing has become one of her favorite activities to help her relax or de-stress. She describes dancing as a way of expressing all of the feelings that she feels all at once, especially when sometimes she can’t even describe what it is she’s feeling. Once she finishes dancing, all of whatever she was frustrated with- suddenly disappears.

3.) Playing the Piano (or another instrument) and singing – These two are just like dancing…something they give her the ability to express whatever it is that she’s feeling, but can’t put into words

4.) Doing something that’s relaxing like drinking hot cocoa, painting her nails and toes, spending time with family,  and her favorite things in the world…EATING AND SLEEPING!!

5.) Exercising is another thing that sometimes helps kids de-stress as well as keeping them healthy physically.

These are some of the things that my daughter does to practice self-care. Please share below some of the things that your children do, or even ideas that you have that would be helpful to children.