The ability for someone to properly adapt to stress and adversity.

Yes! You are strong. You have grit. You have the resilience to overcome the trials that you were given.

You had no other option, but to either give up OR rise above. Whether you are a single parent, were abandoned, are fighting inner turmoil, and/or an autoimmune warrior (like myself) this amazing quality has gotten you through the toughest part of the tunnel. You have always been able to persevere.


Now, this is how you are seen, as unbreakable. Though it is a great badge of honor to wear, labeled for resilience can give a false impression. The façade is that we are superhuman and don’t need to heal from our bruises. As a result, we develop a fear of showing vulnerability and continue to smile when we are about to break.


The truth is, there is nowhere in the definition that says we can’t be human.

In fact, the definition states to “properly adapt” to stress and adversity. This calls for us to responsibly mend ourselves.

In order to do mend, we need to stop and take the time to take care of US.

Remember, even superman needs a day off.  

How will you take care of You this weekend?  

How can you make this burden easier for you to carry?

Truly ask yourself what is keeping you from asking for help.

C. Hunter



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