We all have at some point developed New Year’s resolutions, some we’ve honored and others we ditched before February.

Though there is power in verbalizing your goals and even writing them down, what’s most important is making an internal commitment to the things you desire in the new year. Here are a few ways to enter the new year more mindfully; you can use just one or all of these strategies:

1) Reflect! You will notice that there were highs and lows. That’s life. Set aside an hour with no distractions to reflect on the past year.

2) Make a list of those moments that stand out most to you. When you’re done, notice whether the moments that stood out most were pleasant OR unpleasant events/moments. This is a concrete way to take notice of the what you should strive to do more or less of as you enter the new year.

3) What are things that made you most happy in 2017? Keep those by all means! Even if other people depend on you, you cannot serve them well if you don’t take care of YOU. Iron out the time to do what makes  you happy. For me, that’s admittedly watching ‘trash’ TV from time to time. It helps me decompress. I actually schedule it!  On Friday, from 4 to 6 pm before my kids arrive home- I’m going to watch all my recorded shows.  Whatever that is for you, do that, and feel no guilt!

4) Consider 1 or 2 goals you set for 2017 that you have NOT accomplished. Do you still want to accomplish those? Rather than set for example, “buy a new car” as a goal for yourself, set a more realistic (because it will never work if it is not!) goal. For example, decide that you will save a set amount of money monthly towards the down payment for a new car. Write it down, and stick to it.

5) Meditate on those your goals daily.  Sit with your legs crossed, in a chair with your eyes closed or softened, stare at a wall- whatever.  I’d urge you to start your day this way, EVERY DAY! Eventually you will manifest those desires for which you focus the most energy.

6) Insulate yourself with great people. That which surrounds you most, becomes you. Be intentional about how and with whom you spend your time. The year flies by!

Drop examples below of ways that you plan to enter the new year more mindfully! What you share might help others; the more ideas the better.