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    In the midst of chaos especially, it is difficult to be grateful. If you really think about it, there is more that is “alright” in our worlds, than is not- most of the time. As we enter a new year, be intentional about recognizing the things in your life that bring you joy

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Relationships 101

I often find that relationships are one of the most prevalent issues among my clients no matter what their age. The issues can range from infidelity, insecurities, to attachment in both children and adults,  as well as betrayal within friendships- just to name a few. Once we get through the "what he/she said about me";

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Mindfully Entering A New Year

We all have at some point developed New Year's resolutions, some we've honored and others we ditched before February. Though there is power in verbalizing your goals and even writing them down, what's most important is making an internal commitment to the things you desire in the new year. Here are a few ways to

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