PURPOSE: Mental Health Mindset was created because some of us aren’t comfortable with the idea of scheduling an appointment with a counselor, but have mental health questions or concerns. That is more common than most believe. Well, this is a platform to access information provided by Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers,  and other professionals without actually having to schedule an in-person appointment. Our intent is to be a resource to assist in de-stigmatizing therapy as well as show that many of us share some of the same struggles. You’ll be kept abreast of monthly mental health awareness dates and events,  and learn about various topics such as depression, self-esteem, anxiety, self-care, relationships, and addiction among others. You are not alone! In fact, we’ve created an space “Our Blog” space for us to engage,  and share with one another. We encourage you to check it out weekly. We’ve also created a “Contact Us” page to give you the ability to pose your own questions to the professionals that contribute to our blog.